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Kitchens in the 21st century have become the heart of the home. They are places where we congregate to eat, cook, work, socialize, and relax – which is why it is so important to get the design right for your type of lifestyle.

At North Star Kitchens of Minneapolis we have more than four decades experience in the design, building and installation of custom kitchens for our clients.

We believe one of the reasons we have been in business for so long is due to word-of-mouth recommendations from previous happy customers.

Read through some of our testimonials and you will see just why we are among the most sought-after custom kitchen design companies in the Twin Cities region.

And take a look at some of the previous kitchens we have installed in Minneapolis to get an idea of the high standards of craftsmanship we insist upon.

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Important points to consider in your kitchen design

Designing a new kitchen from scratch can be a complicated and confusing process which is why you may like a little helping hand from the professional North Star Kitchens design team.

We offer complimentary on-site consultations so that we can discuss with you in great detail all the ideas you have and find out more about your lifestyle, expectations, dreams and budget.

At the first consultation we will take detailed measurements and find out how you envisage using your new kitchen interior – do you want a comfortable, family-room-style, livable space or would you prefer a more minimalist, clutter-free, stainless steel contemporary look? Do you have every available kitchen gadget and appliance or do you prefer to cook only on special occasions? Are you planning to entertain a lot, or just need a small bar or island space in which to share an occasional drink with a friend?

Answering questions like these (and more) allows our designers to fine-tune your kitchen plan so that when it comes to be installed it not only looks the way you want but also blends seamlessly and practically with the way you live.

Besides full, new kitchen interiors we can also advise and assist with kitchen renovations, remodels and makeovers.

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It will be our pleasure to answer all your kitchen design questions!


North Star Kitchens of Minneapolis: designing beautiful kitchen interiors for 21st century lifestyles.

Since 1967, Downsview Kitchens has skillfully combined
innovation with tradition producing the market’s most
functional and stylish contemporary offerings.
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