Choosing Your Idea Kitchen Cabinet Style To Add A ‘Wow’ Effect

Whether you are planning to refurbish your current kitchen cabinets or thinking to install brand new ones, you will be overwhelmed to see a wide variety of kitchen cabinet styles available in the market today. If you explore these options while keeping certain pointers in mind, you will certainly be able to add a ‘wow’ factor in your kitchen.

Generally, the kitchen cabinets can be broadly categorized into several groups like traditional, modern and vintage. While the modern kitchen cabinets are sleek and colorful, the traditional kitchen cabinets are known for their cozier, homier and aesthetic appeal. The most popular styles of these cabinets include cathedral style, shaker style and arched cabinets. They can be identified with the recessed or raised panels. Let’s take a deeper look into the type of style you can go for to create a dramatic effect with positivity in your kitchen.

• Frameless cabinets

Frameless cabinets are also known as European style cabinets and are highly popular these days. These cabinets are considered to be an ideal option when cabinet space is at premium. The best part about these cabinets is that they have a narrow veneer to cover the raw edges of the divider. This signifies that the cabinet opening is almost one and half inches wider than the conventional cabinets. The drawers and doors mount directly to the inside of these cabinets. The hinges are generally hidden when the doors are closed. You can see a very little part of the frame because the drawers and the doors are not more than a quarter inch apart.

• Face frame cabinets


These traditional cabinets can be easily recognized from its unique frame style. They have a unique face that covers the raw edges of each cabinet box. Sometimes you can see the hinges from the outside, though it is rare. If you want the drawers and doors to flush fit then this style is ideal for you. This is possible because in face frame cabinets, they are recessed into the cabinet frame. You also have an option for these to partially inset (where the drawers and doors are partially inset into the cabinet with a lip on the outer edge) or overlay when the doors overlap the face frame.

• Victorian cabinets

Victorian kitchens are highly popular these days. The Victorian kitchen cabinets are known for their ultimate grace and elegance with elaborate ornamentations and carvings. They have somber and formal appearance that give a feeling of weight, wealth and royalty. Dark oil finishes resemble the Gothic and empire style. For kitchen cabinetry, you can use Butternut, Ash wood, oak, maple painted wood, rosewood and walnut. However, these cabinets are to be complemented with excellent quality countertops. You can go for wood, marble, soapstone or granite countertops to get a perfect look. Glass or brass knobs can be used for further enhancing the look.

• French country cabinets

These cabinets reflect the true essence of rural France. Special emphasis is laid on using natural material to create a perfect environment for a comfortable living. In earlier times, kitchens in the French country style used to celebrate culinary equipment and therefore did not hide it away. The pots, pans and cooking utensils were usually displayed for not only easy access but for visual appeal as well. If you want to reflect this theme in your cabinets, you can dress them with wire grille or leaded glass door panels. Don’t forget to add some lights to illuminate the cabinetry from within. In order to have a complete perfect look, you must paint cabinets, walls and paneling with Impressionistic colors like cobalt blue, lavender and of course antique white.

• Italian kitchen cabinets

These cabinets can be the best choice for any home as the design and style gives a cozy feeling of food, friends and family. Traditional wood cabinets are the ultimate center of attention of an Italian kitchen. Since they are made with natural wood tones, these cabinets recall the charm and warmth of the Old Country. The traditional Italian kitchen cabinets are usually inspired by antiques from the Italian countryside. Because of this, you will see that the designs comprise of carved overlays, antique looking hardware, applied moldings and some intricate details. These cabinets are the ultimate choice for those who want give a very royal look to their kitchen.

All in all, it does not matter which style you choose for your kitchen, as long as you complement the style to your overall decor theme. These styles can be opted for a remodeling project as well as when you are building your new home. As an extra tip, if you opt for traditional kitchen cabinets, you should complement them with decorative wooden door panels and ornamental wood hoods to offset the cold steel look of modern appliances. If you need more advice regarding kitchen cabinets, feel free to talk to us!