How To Design A Modern Kitchen

Contemporary and modern are words that can be used interchangeably to describe kitchen designs that are currently in season. Today, when we talk about a contemporary kitchen, we are describing a kitchen that has fine cut designs and that has been optimized for optimal use and consumption of utilities like water and power.

The kitchen should evoke a feeling of sophistication and elegance while still keeping a simple look. The open space should be used well bringing out functionality and beauty at the same time. Whether you are interested in doing an overhaul and converting your kitchen into a contemporary one or you just want to tweak the features of your kitchen to incorporate some modern designs, the following are some tips that can help you bring a contemporary look to your kitchen.


Updated elements

It does not matter what style or design we want, when we think about a contemporary kitchen, the first thing that comes to mind is fitting in new materials and incorporating the latest technology into the kitchen space. Over the years, there have been several advances in the kitchen appliances area and there are high tech accessories for kitchens that you can use to make your kitchen more modern.

The easiest updates in this area can be stainless steel appliances that come in sleek designs and offer cutting-edge function. Contemporary style is all about keeping a clean and organized space. Therefore, you have to apply custom storage spaces, and many other modern accessories like below-the-cabinet lighting, and hidden outlets.

New and improved countertops

Granite forms are old materials that are still popular in modern kitchen designs. However, Quarts countertops are more popular since they are stronger and never require any resealing later. This makes them a favorite among homeowners who love granite but require a more durable and reliable product. A more affordable but durable and strong is the Corian Solid Surface countertop. It is as strong and durable as quarts but is less expensive.

Fun backsplash

Unlike in the past where backsplashes were not a big deal and were totally left out of the kitchen remodeling process or used minimally, today homeowners are actually going for it without fear. The white subway tiles are thrown out and something with some color on it. This helps bring some personality to the kitchen. Some of the more popular styles today include colorful glass patterns, ceramic mosaics, and metallic tiles.

Simple cabinet styles in new color

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to pull off a contemporary design is to replace or reface your cabinets with simple nut stylish designs. The beauty about modern kitchen designs is that you can play around with two different colors and several patterns. Instead of going for the conventional hard rock maple or classic cherry, you can think outside the box and go for something like a textured or patterned look with varying colors, usually two. A favorite color for modern kitchens is grey. You can pair it with another color or use it on its own and it will give the kitchen a modern and relaxing look.

Sleek hardware to match

Since simplicity is an important factor in modern kitchen designs, often most of them will have sleek hardware to compliment the simple designs of the kitchen. Instead of knobs, you can use pulls and instead of brushed bronze you can use silver for your accessories in the kitchen. Since the material is design to attract attention on their own, the key here is to keep the attention on them by using minimal accessories. This helps to keep the kitchen simple and clean.

Avoid doing the kitchen yourself when going for the contemporary look, and especially if you are doing an overhaul. Seek the help of professionals in the industry like North Star Kitchen Designs and we will offer you the best methods of getting a sleek, modern kitchen design in Minneapolis without breaking the bank.